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Modern and Aesthetically Pleasing

Concrete houses was built in Soweto in the sixties and seventies. These houses were dome shaped and very unattractive. This led to the perception that all concrete houses will be unattractive. It is imperative that the Precast House should be very modern and beautiful.
Only then will people appreciate it and look after it.

Painting and Finishing

Precast concrete can be coloured in many colours and in the real sense no painting will be necessary. This will have a big saving over conventional houses and also on the long run for maintenance purposes.


Concrete Strength

Our Precast houses are build from 35 MPA concrete and is completely water absorbent proof.
The wall thickness is 140mm with 12mm rebar for reinforcing. Water can’t penetrate this wall.
Double or Single Storey Homes The precast house is designed so that it can be bought at different stages. The double storey house can be bought without the 2nd floor and this floor can be added at a later stage. If the customer wishes to buy a single storey house with a tile roof , he will not be able to alter it to a double storey house.

Erection Time

If the land is flat and a slab can be cast , the total time will not exceed 15 days to erect the precast house.
If falls are more that 3% then the foundation must be build ± 500mm high.
This will be extra on the 15 days and will add approximately 4 days to the project.


We don’t want to create the impression that this precast home is only meant for Township development.
No , this precast house must be seen as a very high-class-low-cost house that is suitable for : Farming , Small holdings , Recreation Areas , Fishing Resorts , Hunting Resorts and new Town









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Concrete is actually liquid rock.


Rocks are crushed and reworked and then casted into different shapes and sizes.
The problem with Concrete is that it is very heavy (2.4 ton) per cub meter and setting time
is relatively quick.

There are basically two methods of using concrete :

House Developments.

The simplex precast house will fill the gap for first time house buyers and also where governments insist that low cost housing must be build at all high class developments.
Therefore in summary , it will be suitable for any building project , where high class – low cost houses are needed.

There are many more advantages of the use of a precast house system.
•        Minimum rubble to be removed.
•        Clean building site.
•        Minimum water requirements.
•        Weatherproof and high wind resistant.
•        Precision sizes and openings.
•        Very low carbon footprint as no wood is being used for construction.
•        Very high resistant to termites.
•        Completely fire proof.
•        Very low maintenance.
•        Long life span – 100 years plus.
•        Can be removed to another site.
•        Pre-colouring.
•        Can be bought in stages.


1) By casting concrete on site (Insutu) or by precast concrete and transporting the final product to site. Throughout the world , specially in Germany and in the USA houses and offices are being precast and erected on sites with great advantages over convention building methods. In South-Africa , many Entrepreneurs tried different approaches to the problem of either precast or insutu cast houses with varying degrees of success. We believe that we have found the correct recipe to overcome all the problems of precast houses.

Socio Economic Problems

In South-Africa , most of the usable land is already developed.
The land now available are mostly of poor quality consisting of sandy or clay areas.
The six growth points in South-Africa can’t cope with the influx of people and all services are in short supply. Water ,Electricity ,Sewage , Storm water and Roads are in short supply and in many instances non existent. In the same degree , houses (durable houses) are very scares and the Government just can’t cope with the high demand. The Government’s answer to this hysterical situation is to build small tent like – one bedroom houses. Can you imagine what effect this has on the next generation when children and adults are sharing the same bedroom ? The high rate of sexual offences can be directly linked to this unhealthy situation.
Because of the scarcity of land it is obvious to use the same footprint as a RDP house but to build a double storey to create more space. Because of the poor quality of the soil , massive foundations will be needed for the conventional brick double storey homes. With precast houses you don’t have this problem a s expansions joints are pre-determined and planned so that cracks wont destroy the house. With precast concrete you don’t need such massive foundations as the concrete itself is very strong.